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Trip Postponed

I had forgotten to update the blog.
Sadly, this trip had to be postponed due to economy/work reasons.
I will re-schedule it for 2009. :(

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Equipment List

This list will be updated on the go.

Basics: (9lbs)
Backpack: NorthFace Catalyst 65
Tent: Mountain Hardware Sprite 1
Sleeping bag: Northface ?? -10C
Stove: TBA
Water Treatment: TBA
Trekking Poles x 2

Media: (+/- 12lbs)
Photo: Nikon D80 (18-135mm, 50mm f/1.8)
Video: Sony's HDR-SR11 Handycam® (Tentative)
Laptop: Considering a Mac Air

Clothing: (+/-5lbs including worn items)
Mountain Hardware Sub Zero
Marmot Phantom Jacket
North Face Light Jacket
REI hiking pants x 2
Royal Robbins Coolmax T-Shirts x 2
North Face Moisture Wick long sleeve x 1
Patagonia long under wear x 1
Trekking Underwear and Socks x 3

Food: TBA

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Draft Itinerary and Transportation Cost down!

I have completed the first draft itinerary for the winter trip south:

* [30 Dec 2008] New York, USA
* [30 Dec 2008 - 31 Dec 2008] Santiago, Chile
* [31 Dec 2008 - 01 Jan 2009] Punta Arenas, Chile
* [01 Jan 2009 - 03 Jan 2009] Ushuaia, Argentina
* [03 Jan 2009 - 04 Jan 2009] Punta Arenas, Chile
* [04 Jan 2009 - 05 Jan 2009] Puerto Natales, Chile
* [05 Jan 2009 - 13 Jan 2009] Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine, Chile
* [13 Jan 2009] Puerto Natales, Chile
* [13 Jan 2009 - 14 Jan 2009] El Calafate, Argentina
* [16 Jan 2009 - 18 Jan 2009] Buenos Aires, Argentina
* [18 Jan 2009] New York, USA

Because I have to be back by the 19th of January, I may have to polish it a little. The return from Buenos Aires may be a bit risky, as the bus ride from El Calafate to Buenos Aires is a good 44 hours ride across the pampas, and you just never know what can happen in such a long stretch.

That could mean that the 133km trek of the Paine Circuit may be cut to 6 days instead of 8. I have the option of just doing the lower half of the circuit in 3-4 days, but then I will miss the glacier views of the John Garner pass...no no no!
Can't do that! I'll walk faster!!...

Other things to consider are the holidays as I will be traveling during New Year...oh well..it is still just a draft :)

On the bright side, I got the transportation cost down, and it seems quite affordable:

Punta Arenas -> Ushuaia: USD$22.00 (OW) 11 hours = USD$44.00
Punta Arenas -> Puerto Natales: USD$4.00 (OW) 3 hours = USD$4.00
Puerto Natales -> Torres del Paine: USD$8.00 (OW) 3 hours = USD$16.00
Puerto Natales -> El Calafate: USD$15.00 (OW) 5 hours = USD$15.00
El Calafate -> Buenos Aires: USD$46.00 (OW) 44 hours = USD$46.00
Total: USD$125.00 !!!

The ticket from NY to Punta Arenas, and Buenos Aires to NY should be covered with the milleage...I hope...If so, this will be a darn cheap trip as I will just stay in hostels and camping throught out the circuit! :)

First Draft completed.

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And God said, Behold!, You shall go to the End of the World!

~Planning stage~

-17 °C

Almost three years have passed since my last trip to India and Nepal.
Every passing day during this time, enlarge the void I keep feeling within me, and the need for another epic trip. I have tried to look for possible destinations such as, overcrowded Alaska, South East Asia, North Africa, Middle East and the Balkans or the Aegean Sea. Then, I remembered some old conversations with my Argentinean friends in Tokyo...Patagonia!

Argentina and Chile have always been in my list of places to go, not only because of the awesome wine :D, but because of the fantastic untouched landscape. So the wheels started turning. I bought maps, books, researched on visa requirements, etc. Things were falling into place as I researched...then...a couple of screws went loose in my head, and an odd thought came across my neural fibers...if you can do two countries in one trip, why not 13?!! A motorcycle ride from NYC to Chile/Argentina...yep...I have officially gone crazy... 12,000+ km of madness...

The first stage of this plan. Since I have some mileage accumulated, I will first go to Chile and Argentina, and get a better feel of how the Andes are, and what I am trying to tap here. At the present time, the plans are to visit the Patagonia sometime in the winter of 2008/2009. Couple of weeks to trek Torres del Paine, Glaciares, and the western border of Argentina; from Santiago, to Punta Arenas, then to Ushuaia and up to Buenos Aires by any means. Two weeks of Ellis' style of travel!!

From here, I will perhaps get the inspiration or a good idea to see if the bike ride south is a feasible adventure...did I mention this must be done in a month and a half? :) We'll see, that would be my last trip of such magnitude (or so I keep telling myself). It will require a lot of planning and $ for the shipping of the bike back, but it would be the craziest and most amazing thing I have ever done. Therefore, do not expect stage two to happen any time soon. ;)

See the itinerary of this trip, and details about each destination.

Let the adventure begin!

Until next time…

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